We also have other items that we can help you with besides balloons!

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Here are some of the items we have, please cal 92350846 for a better picture. Our salesperson would explain and suggest how best can you get the BEST quality and BEST effect…all at the BEST price according to the. CONSULTATION is FREE – certainly no obligations.


Balloon Arches
- Full Balloon Arches
- Single Strip

Balloon Pillars
- Full Pillars
- Single Strip Pillars
- Minimum order 2

Balloon Bouquet
- Full Bouquets
(available in 3 x 7; 5)
- Birthday Child Bouquet
- TableCenterpieces
- Flower bouquet
- Bouquets
(come in 7, 5, 3)
- Minimum order 5 bouquets

Balloon Floaters
- Ceiling Spread
- Chair floaters
- Centerpiece Star
- Giveaways


We have balloon waves, hanging columns, pole and many more!

These are only some of what we have. Call Us! 92350846
Let us help you with the best options according to your preference.